Checklist for Linking Online and Offline Work

Digital work often gets siloed from other parts of campaigning and organizing, especially on a larger team. I believe there’s real strategic value in discovering how they complement one another. You will find efficiencies, save time, and to be frank, annoy your target audiences less. (Remember, they’re really, really busy. If your organization sends them an email and calls them on the same day — it makes you look disorganized and inconsiderate.)

But to our audiences, every interaction with our campaign or organization

Here are some key tips for leveraging and integrating your “on” and “off” line activities.

  • Remember for your audience it’s all the same experience. Do your materials and interactions feel cohesive? Convey the same values and tone?
  • Think about your people management AKA data—if you’re doing an in-person activity, is there a way to capture emails and phone numbers that you can use later to send them a reminder to vote?
  • Assign roles and processes—who will capture sign ups? Using what method? How will that get linked to your digital tools? Is this the easiest way to do it?
  • Don’t rely on any one tool or practice. Think about how they can complement one another (e.g. texting before/after an event to capitalize on participation)
  • Meet people where they’re at—does your audience prefer email or texting? Are they new to you and need a little motivating or should you treat them like a peer and friend?